Bit of a weird question. Has anyone compiled a list of the requirements different websites have for passwords? It's for a thing.

Boosts appreciated!

I think I've come across this list before, but it's targeted at a particular flavor of password requirement ;)

@Scmbradley I would settle for a public list of shame for anyone who has a maximum character limit in the single digits.

@trashheap @Scmbradley An IBM mainframe I use at work allows a maximum of eight digits, and they must all be alphanumeric. No fancy accented characters, either: Ebcdic was good enough for Granddad and it's good enough for you.

@Scmbradley Apple’s password manager resources might be helpful. There’s a big JSON file in quirks/password-rules.json with loads of the weird requirements sites have.

@Scmbradley bitwarden is oss and may have some details published somewhere

@kemonine ah yeah of course password managers will have to know these rules. Good idea.

@Scmbradley If any of them are stricter than Nexus Mods, ain't *nobody* accessing your account. XD

Seriously, Nexus Mods requires like 20 characters, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters, and your first-born child. It's an absolute cluster whenever I want to download an armor set. XD

@Scmbradley The world needs something like the famous "Myths programmers believe about names" for passwords. It would cover all these

@Scmbradley "minlength: 4; maxlength: 4; allowed: digit;"

nice target

@Scmbradley The silliest one I have come across so far was "password too long" 🤦

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