Well played sir, well played.

(The sir, in this case, is @ifixcoinops)

@Scmbradley file this under "things that would actively make me want to come back to your website" ❇️

@Scmbradley oh my god I need to put the URL or even the name of the game in that message. It keeps getting screencapped and reblogged and shit and a hundred messages down in the comments someone asks "Hey where is this from" and I didn't learn my lesson from ten years ago when an ad of mine made the front page of reddit.

It said "I lost 60lbs in just one day by having my legs bitten off by a lion" and it didn't mention the game at all. I have learned NOTHING

@Scmbradley lol the web address is, nearly forgot.

I've been trying to market this game for 14 years and really have learned absolutely zero :D

@ifixcoinops @Scmbradley oh, I feel silly I didn't recognise the screenshot :D

@ifixcoinops Hah. Sorry, I should have mentioned the website in my post. passive agressiveness

the issue with adblocker being rather common nowadays was pop overs, pop unders and layer ads back in the day and nowadays embedded ad videos (luckily without sounds now) and generally showing more ads then content nowadays.

i personally have it enabled by default, but i dont mind to disable for websites that use a reasonable amount of ads (that arent obnoxious).

ps: remember that short time frame of random words on websites with a green dashed underline that showed tooltips for them with ads?

@kura @Scmbradley See, I use an ad provider (for advertising my game - I don't put ads on the game itself) that just does graphic ads, mostly for cool webcomics. No creepy tracking, no popups, no spying on you, no cookies, no flash or video or sound or anything, just a 468*60 banner like in 1999.

Most people are alright with that (there's maybe a half a percent exception and they'll tell you loudly), but adblockers block those ads too. ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ

@kura @Scmbradley (and oh god yeah those double-underline things were awful. You'd be halfway through reading an article and then it'd be full of links to spam.)

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