Imagine you ran a company where the vast majority of the work was done for free, and also you had a captive audience for thr product where you could charge pretty much for it. Also, because its a captive audience, you can cut corners on the small amount of actual work your company does. Pretty sweet deal huh? Well, that's academic publishing. Also the captive audience are the ones doing the work for free.

There's a lot of typos in this tweet. Wow. Sorry folks.

@Scmbradley I'm not in academia, but whenever I read about this stuff I keep getting amazed that they manage to keep the grift going.

And yes, as a non-academic I suffer from this every time I want to read a scientific paper. It's really quite infuriating.

Even better you can get the ones who do the work to pay an additional fee to allow their work to get more exposure or to have colour in it.

At this point its best not to think about academic conferences. You get your workers to pay to come, then pay to produce the content of what they are coming for and run it for many days in an overpriced tourist venue out of season (so everything is closed or the weather is wrong) and only perhaps provide one small meal a day.

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