Found these :chalkdust_scorpion:Journal collections in my University library today. Is anyone here into functional programming in Lisp or Haskell for example?

I have found these languages to be so much for beautiful than imperative languages thanks to their closer connection with mathematics.

@Limitcycle I use it a lot, but I want to argue that Lisp isn't really a functional language. It did indeed grow out of mathematics, but these days it's a very pragmatic language, allowing all sorts of programming styles.

If one wants to look at Lisp from a mathematical viewpoint, I'd recommend ACL2.

@loke @Limitcycle Common Lisp developed away from FP. Other Lisp dialects (Scheme, Racket, Typed Racket, at a minimum) have hewed much more functional.

@tfb @Limitcycle True, but referring to those as Lisp kind of muddles the terminology a bit. The others are variations of Scheme, which indeed is a much more functional language than Common Lisp.

@Limitcycle Nice find! There's some great stuff in that journal. I hope your library also has the early issues. Number one has two great articles co-authored by Dan Friedman.

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