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I now have a bunch of questions for trans people but I'm afraid I'll sound like an idiot, be offensive, or be too demanding with my questions. I'm a little afraid to ask.

@lapis You were asking me about . Verdict: good. Bad things happen, some really bad, but at least nobody dies. It's not .

It even has a sort of ambiguously happy ending.

is a very good book, although some of it is kind of far-fetched or heavily fictionalised, by the author's own admission. Not impossible, just improbable. Still, sweet coming-of-age story about a girl.

I wish I had read this when I was younger.

Are there in nature? By that I mean some repetitive task that usually yields no reward but regularly but unpredictably gives out small rewards while occasionally promising a huge reward.

It's really weird how easy it is to manipulate people into gambling, so what kind of primeval part of our brain is being exploited here? What particular things evolved our brain to be vulnerable to slot machines?

On the topic of , we accidentally bought too much softener when we actually wanted detergent. The same problem has happened when we accidentally buy conditioner instead of shampoo.

This is a deliberate ploy of deceptive packaging, right? They totally must be counting on people accidentally buying the wrong cleaning product. I wish it was a law somewhere that what a product actually *is* has to be in big, bold letters.

Despite many years of operating laundry and washing machines, I have never really understood what a perm press is. What are we pressing exactly? And why are the settings called that on my machines?

More about , I think it's super-interesting how the cast credits for each character list three separate credits: one voice actor, one motion capture actor, and one likeness actor. It's like modern high-tech puppetry!

On the topic of credits, why did Nobuo Uematsu only get a special thanks? The main theme totally played for a short while, and he composed that. I guess Hironobu Sakaguchi wasn't involved at all, so I understand his "special thanks" credit more.

is one hot mess of a story. It looks pretty, but what the hell was happening? I hope I can write a better story than that.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, for my own adaptation I have decided that Terra was directly involved in Kefka's magical infusion. Celes was infused by Shiva, of course. And Leo thought an infusion was too dishonourable, which is why he rejected one.

is a pretty cool show, but holy hell is it annoying how wants to play the next episode immediately when the credits start rolling. Jesus fuck, Netflix, calm the fuck down. The authors chose a particular tune to play at the end of each episode and I need some time to process the episode's content as I listen to that tune.

Autoplaying and infinite scroll are the most subtly evil things the internet has ever done to us.

I had a day today. I accumulated a number of thoughts as I was alone and isolated from the world. I shall now ramble on, one toot per thought.

Maybe this is just because I'm so green, but I have no idea if I the right thing. It's also hard to get anyone to read it and let me know if I'm doing it right or not. Only one person I've asked has ever given me any feedback. Maybe that alone means it's not very good?

Hm, I think "outgunned" may be the word I was looking for, but what if the weapons involved are not guns?

I .

What's a right way for one soldier to say to another, "you are underpowered!" Like a warning. Don't evey try to fight me because I have much stronger weapons. You'll be killed.

As I'm writing my screenplay, I constantly feel like I should be some screenwriting software. I want more features, some bugfixes, more web collaboration.

This is how must have felt when he was writing TAOCP and then created , the ultimate yakshave.

I'm really happy right now that circumstance has reduced my screen time drastically. I seem to be having a much more active imagination now.

This, incidentally, is one of the main reasons I dread the idea of owning a smartphone. The thought of being always online and never away from a screen terrifies. I don't know how everyone else manages.

You know how when you're awake you hope that you'll do something in your dreams or when you're dreaming of something nice you wake up trying to hold on to it, but the altered state of mind makes it impossible for you to keep up with your plans across dreams and reality?

I feel this way too when I think of things away from a screen and then get online. The screen seems to erase my plans. I had to take a note on my notepad and refer to it right now so I would remember to toot about this.

Oh, god, I'm glad I've never clicked on any of the videos. Apparently it gets much much worse if you ever so much as lightly brush up against one of those videos:

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@bstacey I sometimes envy people like Gauss :gauss: who had enough comfort to have some bullshit job on the side and all the boredom and time in the world to just sit there and count primes between 10,000 and 20,000 in his head.

Boredom is the mother of invention.

I keep clearing cookies but YouTube keeps recommending Jordan Peterson crap to me. Is it because I click on videogaming videos? And usually just videogame music.

What is it, YouTube? Just tell me why you keep thinking I have a secret desire to destroy/demolish/wreck/rekt feminisms and sjws.

I just bought a notepad. Old school way to jot down ideas as I'm offline, which is the only place ideas where I seem to get any ideas.

I hope I'm able to write a better story this way.