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@ada Pay no attention to these ruffians! We know where your true alliances lie, and there will always be a home for you in at a reasonable market rate!

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being an applied mathematician means praying to every religious figure that your code converges

So, wait, what's going on in Masto? Why did @cassolotl leave? Are things not as nice as I thought?

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programmers on my home timeline: ah yes well i hacked the bios and divided pi by the square root of the big funny calculus symbol and now im able to decode strings into a high tech cryptologlggygjgn stack development git

me: ahh yes. the computer. i know it.

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#fiberarts #question. I purchased a bamboo/cotton mix out of curiosity. I wanted to try bamboo. But it occurs to me I don't know how it is as a material (and I can't find the yarn in Ravelry's database). Is it warmer than cotton? Is it itchy? Does it stretch? Could I felt it if I wanted to? (I got this online, not locally, otherwise I may have thought to ask) Any details? #crochet #knitting #fibrearts

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Time to filter out everything that starts with "git" because I don't understand and I also do not care.

Man, I'm snoring awake now. Is this what getting old is like?

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A buddy of mine farted in front of my yesterday for the first time and neither of us really cared.

I think this means we really are buddies now.

This is a really cute thread about a new user learning about Masto and the fediverse:

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So winter is definitely over and it's time for the only other season of the year in : construction.

My coworkers amuse me. I'm easily amused, but that just means I am more easily happy.

That is to say, I've gone woolly. But my notification column seems to have finally quieted down.

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@JordiGH That is my favorite toot of the day. Everyone who is coming at me with something Linux-related will get a "Bro, do you even k12yop3k2tog?"