Here's a quote-unquote spoiler for : Cobb might still be dreaming!

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So, uh... is Discord like Slack? Another IRC replacement?

I'm afraid to find out for myself.

@amastodonuser Alright, sure! Please resend your follow request. I wasn't expecting you to answer.

@paeneultima Oh, sorry, I just read your clarification.

I don't know how neocities works, but depending on what you're doing right now and what your setup is, changing that setup to do something else could be easy or hard. How many details do you have about your current setup?

@paeneultima Are you also opposed to hosting WP yourself? It has so many plugins that you can probably find one that does what you want.

@Aellope It's probably because they take up a chunk of space and the author considered that the proof isn't central to the main points of the presentation. It's not that uncommon to delegate some proofs to an appendix or an external reference, I guess "content warnings", so to speak, are a good modern web equivalent.

But I do like the silly thought of them being actual CWs.

Btw, don't watch Yahtzee. He's coarse and dumb and I feel embarrassed I'm watching myself. This isn't an endorsement of his stuff.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that is doing here. I recognise the continuity equation on top (change in density equals divergence of flux, i.e. this is a conservation of mass law) and I recognise the middle equation for \(\partial \vec{B} / \partial t\) as the induction equation (Faraday's law), i..e change of magnetic field equals advection of the magnetic field.

I often wonder how do people find this stuff.

When did Wikipedia start to hide mathematical under CWs? Does it only do this out of consideration for the physicists?

"the email send button" doesn't work", my dad emails me

this is going to be a fun one

Apparement mettre "les utilisatrices/ les développeuses" dans une conf c'est soit être trollesque, soit être de l'ultra féminisme à deux balles. J'étais là seule femme oratrices à cette conf et le publique était 90% masculin. Diversité dans le web, y a des progrès.

I'm not procrastinating, I'm doing JIT tasks.

Everything sounds better when you call it JIT instead of lazy.

It's not lazy evaluation, it's JIT evaluation.

It's not lazy reporting, it's JIT reporting.

That's not lazy writing on the script, it's JIT writing.

Bad breath got you down? No remedies in your inventory? Haven't learned how to cast esuna yet? Try...

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