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@GeoffWozniak I deeply sympathise and I hope to recover as you did.

Why do I have to be sick during the long weekend, no fair, I demand a weekend refund.

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The most ironic part of it is when a movie franchise gets "rebooted", it's the complete opposite of a self sufficient person lifting themselves by their own bootstraps. 🤣

@SoniEx2 I don't understand anything that's going on and I think I'm annoying you. Sorry, I'll stop talking now.

@SoniEx2 What thread? Sorry, I hope I'm not annoying you.

@SoniEx2 Wait, out of the loop, what does Hotmail have to do with anything?

@SoniEx2 That's the weirdest thing. I still send emails quoted with >, hehe.

@SoniEx2 Is this about people thinking that quoting with > has something to do with 4chan?

Ugh, still feeling sick. I thought I was feeling better on Thursday so I went out. I wonder if that's what made me feel worse yesterday and today.

@technomancy In Mexico we say, slightly vulgarly, "no es mi pedo", it's not my fart.

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El @GobiernoMX decreta el 17 de mayo como #DíaContraLaHomofobia, Transfobia, Lesbofobia y Bifobia #IDAHOT #MxAmaEnLibertad

@gnomon @grufwub I'm sorry, is there further context? Are you asking me how to use clonebundles in hg?

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Okay so we've all heard of "millenials" but what if, hear me out...


@gannet I should watch more crafters online. It's just that I only just now discovered this whole cornucopia of videogame feats of skill that has quite the infrastructure around it (Twitch, YouTube, leaderboards, other websites archiving it)...

I wonder if there's such a thing for knitters, haha. I know @Juju tried streaming some knitting, wonder if she's still doing it.

@noelle Oh, damn. Sorry I can't be of much more help.

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