@liw Is this why `apt upgrade` wants to install 400 megabytes of new stuff on my stretch installation?

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@j I should, but I'm already weird enough for using hg-git instead of git.

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@ebarrett @Anke Wait! You are tricking me into The Talk again! After I just got out of one!

@ebarrett @Anke Depends what they did. There are plenty of git operations to really destroy things.

@ebarrett @Anke git reflog doesn't rescue us from The Talk. :-(

We started discussing the hardness or softness of resets required to unstage or uncommit and I think they figured it out and I managed to nope out of that.

Oh god, now they dragged me into The Talk, noooooo, I don't want to!

@stsp For other things that are foundational as git (http, ASCII), we never have The Talk. There's gotta be a way to work together without The Talk.

@Anke It takes many forms, but usually it's a discussion of how to branch, how to rebase, and what kind of commands to do those things, usually including a little segue or debate on which way it's better to do it.

Sometimes it involves tears or panic as the code is seemingly or actually gone.

My colleagues are having The Git Talk again.

Some day, I hope we find a tool that doesn't require The Talk.

Ah, there we go, I think that worked out better the second time. I'm glad I frogged my .

This is gonna be the sole of a bootie.

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just flambéd the crap out of some crepes, and as a bonus got to test out the fire alarms in my apartment 🔥

@rocx Yeah. :-/ I did just frog all of my work (rip it, rip it).

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