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So, how can I reimplement this? It's a custom algorithm. I think is a good choice, but I'm not so sure about doing arbitrary curves in svg (not traditional svg splines).

Whenever y'all say "lmao" this is all I can think about:

Productive morning today. Did some house chores and also finished my sorting and almost all of my fits on my shelves! There's only two small piles of about 20 fiction books that I couldn't squeeze in.

Potato webcam pic, 'cause it's the only camera I have.

The solution path, charted. I feel like Magellan.

I bought this candy only because I can't resist a good, bilingual pun. The French says, "Frank says to you hey, baie-baie" where "baie-baie" means" berry berry" but is pronounced like "baby".

I'm a slave to clever marketing.

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So the other day I incorrectly used the word "physiognomy", which I now realise was just the scientific way to say "lol you look like a dog" -- "oh yeah, well, you look like a cow!"

My birthday cake, kupo! Made by the peerless @moonbug