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Wow, is really trying hard to make sure I can't block their ...

I'm not sure how to respond to this.

MFW when I try to fix my laptop and I only manage to get it to stop booting

At a software conference I went to a few years ago, someone was playing the song of their people.

And now, the Mexican military's mobile tortilla unit, the Tortilladora!

An army marches on its stomach and a Mexican army marches on tortillas.

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Episode 9 of (I guess the official English spelling is , but I don't like that as much) made me tear up again. It's so cute!

However, I'm kind of annoyed a little at the apparent wish-fulfillment (Mary Sue?) of this story. Two girls fawning over a complete loser guy just because he's really good at videogames? I mean, c'mon.

Have a Hark A Vagrant comic to explain:

(CW: sexualised but ridiculous doodles of female characters)

I'm with Riemann on this one.

Legendre ruined this for all of us.

I took off some days from work, starting yesterday, just to finish personal projects.

Here they are, in order of priority, and uh, so far completed in reverse order.

Let's see how much I can get done today.

And of course, if I'm gonna be talking about Steiner triple systems, I need to show the most famous example, the .

The 7 nodes are partitioned into 7 triples (one for each line and a seventh for the circle with the "midpoints"), and each pair of nodes occurs in exactly one of those triples.

I just realised that inside of the is a copy of their hands.

For decades I thought there was some kind of face in there.

Am I the last one to learn this?

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