Ah, there we go, I think that worked out better the second time. I'm glad I frogged my .

This is gonna be the sole of a bootie.

So, I really think that the are masterpieces, very well-written, should be part of the modern school curriculum instead of all the boring old stuff they make kids read, and I'm now just getting so excited thinking about them that maybe I should go back to re-read them yet another time.


So I heard that there was a for , but I couldn't get much further than this...

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Exhibit A: what the customer requested in the spec.

Exhibit B: what we will deliver to the customer in the final product

(H/T @pauricthelodger )

Peace and friendship, comrade!

Our experience, our friends!

Yum, pan de muerto and hot chocolate. (Food, in case there's doubt, "pan de muerto" means "bread of the dead".)

¡Feliz ! Happy !

This is why I love : bilingual education! Three cultures in a single informative poster! Vive la diversité!

And the tacos were tasty too.

Anyway, here's a painted xoloitzcuintle:

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that is doing here. I recognise the continuity equation on top (change in density equals divergence of flux, i.e. this is a conservation of mass law) and I recognise the middle equation for \(\partial \vec{B} / \partial t\) as the induction equation (Faraday's law), i..e change of magnetic field equals advection of the magnetic field.


I often wonder how do people find this stuff.

Bad breath got you down? No remedies in your inventory? Haven't learned how to cast esuna yet? Try...

What a horrible night for a new Halloween costume.

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