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Jordi @JordiGH

This warms my heart so much.

Remember that LLVM dev that ragequit over ?

This is what happened thanks to the public flameout:

<karenesq> JordiGH: I saw the lobsters thread. [...]
<karenesq> what's interesting is that I only know about it because of the flurry of donations to outreachy today

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@JordiGH Even feigned outrage would be enough to boost donations. People are idiots. I'm not saying the outrage was fake, but the result is the same.

@notclacke In the flesh! Well, in the bytes, I suppose.

@JordiGH OMG it warms my heart too 😍

I became a Conservancy supporter at that time when folks attacked them in a Linux Foundation mailing list. It would be really amazing if these outbursts actually help way more than they hurt! 😻

@JordiGH Hah, that's wonderful. The ragequit was weird anyway since LLVM isn't actually participating in Outreachy, so I don't understand what they were complaining about, but more donations for Outreachy are certainly nice!

@JordiGH organization destroys involvement in oss project, gets money for it. truly heartwarming. if I was Microsoft or apple, I would take notice and reassign marketing budgets.

@maho Outreachy didn't destroy any involvement.

@JordiGH When one of the core developer leaves a project, that very obviously has an impact on involvement.

If said core developer names Outreachy as one of the major reasons to leave the project, then Outreachy had a major impact on project involvement.

@maho That developer also cited a very innocuous code of conduct. If you find it so objectionable to be told to be nice that you have to go away, then please go away! If you think it's so bad to help bring in new people to the project that you must leave, then please leave! That's the code of conduct and Outreachy working as intended: making the place more welcoming for non-assholes.


Actually, if you read his email closely, he did not cite the CoC or it's contents as a reason, but that he is to sign a profession of faith in it before he can continue to take part in future conferences. This is a very different thing, especially since said CoC is specifically banning discrimination based on political beliefs (such as in the need for or utility of CoCs).

Also, *ad hominem*.

@maho Disagreeing with being told to be nice is a shitty political position and one that should be banned.

@JordiGH "Non-assholes" who do may or may not contribute are less worth than people who did in the past and are likely to do so in the future.

A concept or framework that is based on destroying community coherence and cooperation is inheritently faulty or malevolent. Such as, in this case, CoCs, Outreachy, and everyone supporting these things.