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Jordi @JordiGH

Alright, let's try doing one of these .

I'm a in (can I call myself that or should I call myself an immigrant?). I like , , , , and , none of which I do professionally. I am officially still a maintainer for (free replacement).

Professionally, I work on assessments and . The details of which are rather boring.

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@JordiGH I did all the assignments in Machine Learning in Coursera using Octave... worked like a charm thanks to you people!

@polettix I'm glad Octave worked so well. We get a lot of people coming from that machine learning course.

@JordiGH @JordiGH whoa! Your interests are fascinating! I can't wait to see/hear your thoughts on all of it!

Nice intro!

@h4ck3r9 Oh boy, now I feel obligated to act all interesting from now on. :P

@JordiGH Bahaha... that's okay. You can be interesting or not. But if you want, I think I would be one of many that are interested in environmental research and so on.... also I like hiking too.

@JordiGH Oh cool. Time to read. Thank you! It's weird that I am more interested in what someone on Mastodon writes than someone I find on a news agency. :)