Retrogaming with the kid...

Hearts run out, Link spins around, drops dead.

"Game Over"

"What does that mean?"

Yeah, you're right kid. I guess that never happens in Minecraft or Roblox. Life was tough back then, game overing uphill both ways.

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@schappi Link's Awakening, Switch version, which is still retrogaming but with prettier graphics.

@JordiGH Reminds me of the time when my kid was younger and I asked him to get to a save point in a new-to-him game so he could, I don't remember, have dinner or something. And he kept looking for a *safe* point to wait it out.

@JordiGH Oh, games weren't just over. Games actively guilt tripped you for *being* over.

@saadazim Final Fight's continue screen also freaks me out a little.

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