I really want to scream so that everyone hears me that, yes, people are still making NES games, and yes, they are actually good games, and yes, there are people buying and playing them.

I really ought to get around to writing that blog post about the second reNESansce we're living through. The combined years of research are really coming to fruition in modern times.

Almost every day I find out about new NES games that are coming or already have. Good games, too.

Latest find, Mawthorne, which looks good and nearly quintupled its Kickstarter funding goal

Yours for 10 bucks on in case you don't want to commit to real hardware:

@JordiGH NES was cool. I played a lot in my school years. We calling her “dendy”, because in Russia we got Chinese clones of NES instead of nintendo consoles. I remember a bunch of good game, maybe I will install some kind of emulator and try to find them again.

@konyahin I know of the Dendy!

Russian NES hackers are making some good games today.

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