@JordiGH seriously I think some of these white dudes are the same character in different games I cannot tell them apart

@lapis I'm embarrassed that I actually individually recognise some of them. Hey, there's the Wolfenstein guy there in the middle.

Well, maybe he's the only one.

@JordiGH we need a doom-style fps where the basic stock enemy is just the average of all of these guys

@JordiGH sometimes theres "diversity" with poc. Look at Blizzards "Witch Doctor"

😬😬😬 #cringe

@JordiGH it's weird because when games branch out it has a huge payoff. Valve has been better than most with Portal, Half-Life Alyx. Horizon Zero Dawn, Dishonored and the Walking Dead series have also been standouts, and the games are better remembered partly because of their unique protagonists.

@JordiGH it's okay we don't need identity politics in video games.

Weird you choose only men also yes there are characters from all regions including fictional lands

@JordiGH Heh. When you format them like this, they look like Infinity Engine character portraits. It's the world's shittiest custom face pack.

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