Actually this is pretty cool, when Japanese kids learn the Roman alphabet, they learn it with rigid rules for stroke order.

That stroke order on the M is killing me, don't think I've ever seen a Westerner write it that way.

@JordiGH it looks like they're all planned so you never have to stroke upwards

@prehensile Oh, interesting! But why that M vs W difference?

@JordiGH You might see the M written that way in instructions for drafting.

@JordiGH I think I’m at less than 50% for those matching how I do it! Makes me wonder how everyone else does it.

@JordiGH now I'm not sure whether I just do letters wrong or the whether the stroke order has been influenced by how Japanese letters are written...

@JordiGH Yeah... When I receive new students from alphabet using countries, I often have to tell them to stop using cursive in forms, because most people will have a really hard time with it, or even not understand it at all.

@caranha But will the Japanese not understand letters if they're not written in this stroke order?

Nah, you can't really tell stroke order with a ball pen.

But some people WILL get confused by small variations, such as whether you cross a sever or not, whether your one has a base, or whether you write a four by looping it around, or by drawing an upside down chair.

@JordiGH Elementary school is really strict on kids using the right stroke order for Japanese characters (and I do agree that using the right stroke order can help drawing them with the right balance), so that's how they teach them to draw everything.

I think if you look at native calligraphy books, you WILL find stroke orders too.

Of course, even some Japanese forget the stroke order of more complex/unused kanji as time goes by.

@JordiGH An image search gave me this, although, to be fair, they are not so common.

@caranha @JordiGH Indeed that’s what basic calligraphy books do. The general idea here is to never stroke upwards. It produces prettier and more even results when you use a calligraphy pen. (Disclaimer: I’m not at all an expert on calligraphy.)

@JordiGH did you happen to have a picture for the lower case letters (currently only partially seen in your picture) as well?

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