Kid's doing some homework. It's a reading assignment. He has to read a story about a school photographer who couldn't take another photo because the camera was out of film.

Poor kid was stressing out and confused with the following question: "Explain why the photographer could not take another picture."


asked the kid in utter bafflement

@JordiGH Reminds me of my primary school.
There was one teacher that handed out homework that the kids' parents had done, asking about people that played sportsball in the 1970s, in imperial units.
@JordiGH Australia hasn't even used imperial units since the 70s.
> Metrication in Australia effectively began in 1966 with the conversion to decimal currency under the auspices of the Decimal Currency Board.[1] The conversion of measurements—metrication—commenced subsequently in 1971, under the direction of the Metric Conversion Board and actively proceeded until the Board was disbanded in 1981.
Whole garbage fire of a school was a retirement village though, so not a huge surprise.

@izaya When did you see this outdated question? Well after 1970, I take it.

@JordiGH According to friends with siblings, they kept being used until at least 2012.

@izaya Oh boy, the poor children using those books. :(

@VickyRampin This is a book from the 1990s.

Also, I don't think I've ever taken enough pictures for an SD card to run out of memory haha.

@JordiGH I'm glad all the responses to this are "shame on the school for using outdated books"

as opposed to "kids these days"

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