Arranging books on my shelf.

English books: when put upright on the shelf, spine facing outwards, tilt your head to the right to the read the spine. Always.

French and Spanish books: eh, tilt your head right, left, who cares, who can predict, just one way or the other. Or put some French and Spanish books upside down so you can tilt your head right.

Yes, I absolutely need four editions of .

Wanna read all Cervantine insults, you ill-bred liar, enemy of mankind? This one has great analytical indices.

Wanna understand what the hell is "duelos y quebrantos"? This one has great footnotes.

Wanna see some artwork without losing any of the text? This one has great illustrations.

Wanna remember the basic plot and see the whole thing illustrated? This one is a great comic book adaptation. Emphasis on comic.


What I definitely don't need is two editions of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, though. Or even one. Gah, I'm embarrassed I ever fell for that book.

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