my dithyramb about "white has no culture" 

Of course the US has a culture and of course white peoples have cultures. Different parts of the US and Europe have very varied cultures.

my dithyramb about "white has no culture" 

The whole white-has-no-culture thing is kind of a white supremacy thing to begin with. Everyone in the US from many different backgrounds had to band together under one banner. How do you get people with Irish, German, English, Scottish, and Italian backgrounds to all get together and unite against black people in order to justify slavery? You tell them they're all white!


my dithyramb about "white has no culture" 

And because they're all the same, their individual cultures don't matter! They're just a bland, pasty white, insipid mixture, without any distinguishing features other than being white.

So, yeah, if you've been told that you have no culture because you're white, that's a lie. It's a white supremacy lie designed to make you band with people who are or were otherwise quite culturally different from you.

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my dithyramb about "white has no culture" 

@JordiGH it should perhaps be noted that there was a period of time where e.g. the Irish and the Italians were not considered "white" when they emigrated to America.

my dithyramb about "white has no culture" 

@tpfto Yeah, the very definition of "white" is obviously a load of crap.

my dithyramb about "white has no culture" 

@tpfto @JordiGH I was about to say this. Many ethnicities that we consider "white" today were not always so; in centuries past it wasn't just being "white" made you part of the in-group, but also "Anglo-Saxon" and protestant. (And if you need further proof, look at how many Jewish people are persecuted for being Jewish despite also being "white". It's all BS.)

my dithyramb about "white has no culture" 

@faoluin @JordiGH quite right, but I certainly haven't encountered the term "WASP" in a long while... ;)

@JordiGH It pretty much happens to any dominant culture in a country though. "Foreigners and minorities have cultures, we normal people just do normal stuff, that's not a culture".

The US may be special because the dominant culture is a mix of a bunch of influences, but I don't think there's a moustache-twirling plan behind it, it's enough of an explanation that casual us-and-them tribalism/racism allowed some people to be assimilated, some not, and different people during different periods.
@clacke @JordiGH I don't know, Italy is pretty racist (or rather *-ist), but I feel that the dominant discriminatory narration is that we natives of (insert any part of Italy here) have a culture and a history, while people from other countries don't.

For added fun, this is applied to discriminated-against people who share the very same graeco-roman-mediterranean roots as Italy, as well as to richer-than-us people with a much more vibrant contemporary culture.

Just to add on clark's comment:
you're always a foreigner to someone else, so you always have what you call culture. American culture is to speak loudly and americans are very extroverted (in my opinion).
I think you meant to attack differenciation, or normalization or something like that. But it's not tied to being white, it's tied to being capitalistic: less risk means more money means all movies are the same.


@lefarfadet @JordiGH It has been said that you don't really discover what your culture is until you move abroad, and at least for Swedish people that's very much true. Maybe it's less universal than I imagined, or maybe Italians are one of the exceptions.
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