Man, and we thought cyberpunk authors were exaggerating with their zaibatsus and their corporate ownership

@JordiGH Next they will be asking for that commit message to be purged from history, won't they.

@JordiGH Someone tried pulling that shit in a country with working employment laws and worker organisation and they would either be laughed at or in a court faster than they can hit send.

@jaranta @JordiGH Same here. I'm not permitted to work on competing technologies in my spare time, but I wonder if even that would hold in court to be honest.

But what is mine is mine. $WORK doesn't *own* me.

@JordiGH once I wrote a driver and put my email in the authors info. and the chief of the company I worked for nearly killed me for that. he said I had no right to mention myself in there. there must be corporate information only. so I know the shit well enough.

"You are an IBM employee 100% of the time."

Sounds like slavery :)

@JordiGH and then again. Why someone would like have a corporate job?

@JordiGH that is fucking crazy. I think that at least in the EU, an employee has the right to disconnect from work. You're not 100% of your time an employee.

@soapdog I am wondering about those contract clauses that say you can't work on a competing product. Is this what they mean with 100% of your time? You can't use your free time to work on a competing product?

@JordiGH @soapdog There can be some expectation of loyalty even outside working hours, for example talking shit about your employer might have consequences, nevermind "but it's free speech on my own time". That might extend to "don't work on a directly competing product" (which also brings in the issue that you might have to fend off claims that you used corporate knowledge in your side gig, which can become a copyright and/or trade secrets nightmare).

"You're an employee 100% of the time" is certainly a shitty way to put it (would somebody please send that manager to reeducation camp^W^W"managing within the law" training?!?) but "you have responsibilities towards your employer (just like they have towards you) 100% of the time" isn't wrong nearly everywhere...

Nevermind that really stupid way of putting it, I fear that this is just the crescendo of a longer dispute between that manager and that employee and that the employment will probably will find an end real soon now...

@patrick @JordiGH

I'm really worried of companies that treat personal time as you-still-belong-to-us time....

@JordiGH that is a whole different problem, and will vary per contract and per location, because in some locations these contracts are less enforceable than they seem.


I fear employers - and some employees - need to be reminded that it's just a fucking job. The New Feudalism is tiresome.

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