Hey, anyone in Canada or the UK want to do some paid , English to ? It wouldn't be much, maybe some 3-5 hours of work per month, technical translation of and terminology.

The size of the task per month could vary and you would bill for your time, not per word or page.

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@categorille Let me ask though, but I expect they'll say it can't be France.

@categorille So I got a reply. For this kind of work, it appears we could pay someone in the EU. Wanna refer your friend?

@JordiGH thanks for asking your boss! it turns out they can't but i appreciate it

@gnomon Hm, I really totally can honestly absolutely without a doubt do both ways Spanish <-> English, though. They really both are my native language!

@JordiGH I believe you! But I also believe you are not a professional translator? Being fluent in two or more languages is one thing, but offering professional translation services is an entirely different kettle of fish!

(When I worked in a couple of government agencies I ended up concealing my bilingualism because I was so often pressed into service as a translator, which I could do but just _so_ very poorly compared to a professional that it was embarrassing!)

@gnomon @JordiGH
Interesting point of view! My employer has been having instructional videos made for our products. My colleague in charge of the project had us watch the English voice-over videos to hunt down any leftover technical errors; they were translated from French. The language was so bad (improper terms, straight up translations from French which doesn't work!) I had to speak up. He was pissed at me... What I don't understand is the person hired to do the voice-over was an English-speaking native and never said a word about it.

We've had a hard time finding good French-to-English translators. We're in a very niche market with a technical vocabulary, completely different in one language and the other. For years I've been the one to translate user manuals and instructions sheets because I'm the most fluent in English. But I'm not trained, it's not my job, and I was quite fed up with having to do it.

@normand @JordiGH ...if you ever wanted to talk with someone who does that professionally I'd be happy to introduce you to my wonderful sister! 😁

@JordiGH Hi. I'm interested but French. Is Canada or UK a strong requirement?

@FredricT I think so, but not sure yet. I'm asking the boss!

@atmx Hé, bonjour! Je sais pas exactement comment ça va marcher, mais on espère trouver un(e) professionel(le). Si c'est toi, euhhh peux-tu me donner ton courriel et je peux le donner à ma boss?

@JordiGH Si vous voulez un pro, il y a un registre de traducteurs sur !

@atmx Merci! Je vais montrer ça à ma boss aussi!


Your chart is ready, and can be found here:

Things may have changed since I started compiling that, and some things may have been inaccessible.

The chart will eventually be deleted, so if you'd like to keep it, make sure you download a copy.

@JordiGH I cannot vouch for them, but over the years I came across these firms doing translation work.

Cochrane build a task exchange for the medical sciences. Including people asking for and offering translation work.

Maybe that would be a nice idea for science in general.

@JordiGH I live in Canada and I speak both! I'd be open for this.

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