I'm now in the letter. This makes me very happy. :))))

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@ljwrites Yes to the former, but I hope the latter can correct course. There's lots of good people there or have been there and I don't want the FSF to burn. I want it to get better!

I've lost all hope for RMS to get better. It took him, what, 10, 15, 20 years to finally believe that kids can't consent to sex??

@ljwrites @JordiGH isn't the first part of this remark sorta what led to this troublesome situation in the first place?

@tpfto @JordiGH someone saying "fuck RMS" caused him to be a giant misogynist and rape apologist? 🤨

@ljwrites @JordiGH I was more joking about how this is all about, well, his takes of a sexual nature. Less facetiously, this is surely a step forward.

@tpfto @JordiGH yeah, dude would be a figure of such universal respect if he'd stuck to software and not engaged in all these gross antics and outright harassment. I'm like, why did he feel the need

@JordiGH thank you for continuing to take a stand.
Wild that I even recognise some names on there from the Debian systemd case 😅

@JordiGH Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention!

A cynical part of me was like “oh, they’ll just refuse to read it because it’s on GitHub”, heh

@zigg rms himself doesn't object to hosting things on github. His only complaint with github is that visiting it with a web browser makes you run non-free js. He can clone the letter with git and not have to do it.

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