@lapis Parody flash game. I guess if you can get flash running, you can try it:


@JordiGH Conversely, games that focus on the characters looking at something offscreen. :blobpeek:

@JordiGH Just make it your objective to visit a destination with a cliff.

Personally I liked the ones at the Arran Islands, and you can look out over the vast span of the Atlantic Ocean.

@JordiGH The 8 bits endings, by far, are te best ones. I really miss video games, but for some reason they started to spike me some degree of solitude or depressing feeling when I was stopped playing. I leaved them only for that reason, but really love graphics and all style involved. I've thinking that this ' play alone in home ' mode of new consoles was the cause. When I was a kid, playing video games was always with in-home friends and never felt that way : )


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