My greatest feat of software engineering today:

for i in $(things); do
vlc ~/rickroll.mkv
vlc ~/rickroll.mkv

The commands take a long time run and if I forget about them, they just sit there waiting for me to input a password. So, I need a good notification.

holy crap it just finished I forgot about it. That rickroll scared the socks off me.

@JordiGH Suggestion: Randomly replace it with Rob Zombie's Dragula

@JordiGH @faho If you're looking for chaos, might I suggest the song "Idhi Oka Nandanavanam"?

@JordiGH This is a hack, mostly because the video is in your homedir

@MxCraven True, a real engineer would instead use RaaS, rickroll-as-service.

@JordiGH `echo -e '\a' ` and make sure urgent window hinting is on in your wm. Try `sleep 10 && echo -e '\a'` and switch windows to see what it does in your wm.

@JordiGH Do you know that sudo has an option to show an insult message when you got the password wrong? You should write a rickroll plugin for sudo...

@niconiconi Great feature request, we'll consider it for the next point release.

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