I'm so excited, for my book, has already sent me their \(\LaTeX\) templates and they compiled on the first try and they come with examples, and it totally looks like a No Starch book and omg omg omg this all makes it seem real you guys, I really a No Starch book.

Next stream will be tomorrow. I was told I should start with a more technical chapter instead of frontmatter/introduction, so I'll be working through a construction of the reals.

I kind of want to show you the Lorem Ipsum example book I compiled but I'm waiting for permission to make sure I'm not leaking some kind of closely-guarded secret here. It's really fun for me to see how the template already created something so easily.

Oh yeah, and I'm so stoked to be showing off to its full potential on stream too, I'm gonna soup it up with a full-fledged terminal emulator and maybe I'll use a full graphical web browser ooh maybe I'll get to write more math so you can see AUCTeX's preview mode this is funnnnn!!

@JordiGH ooh, what terminal emulator are you using? Ansi-term with libvterm?

@JordiGH I was looking at that exact link lmao I'm told ansi-term is so much better with it but the basic emulator is suiting my basic terminal needs fine as is (and for faster file management there's Dired) so I haven't bothered for now.


@ljwrites It's just that yesterday I wanted to show a couple of quick calculations in Maxima or Octave and I had some trouble with eshell.

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@JordiGH yeah Elisp nerds are excited about eshell but even they admit it's janky and not yet mature.

@ljwrites I think in my almost 20 years of Emacs, eshell has never been mature. :P

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