I'm so excited, for my book, has already sent me their \(\LaTeX\) templates and they compiled on the first try and they come with examples, and it totally looks like a No Starch book and omg omg omg this all makes it seem real you guys, I really a No Starch book.

Next stream will be tomorrow. I was told I should start with a more technical chapter instead of frontmatter/introduction, so I'll be working through a construction of the reals.


I kind of want to show you the Lorem Ipsum example book I compiled but I'm waiting for permission to make sure I'm not leaking some kind of closely-guarded secret here. It's really fun for me to see how the template already created something so easily.

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Oh yeah, and I'm so stoked to be showing off to its full potential on stream too, I'm gonna soup it up with a full-fledged terminal emulator and maybe I'll use a full graphical web browser ooh maybe I'll get to write more math so you can see AUCTeX's preview mode this is funnnnn!!

@JordiGH ooh, what terminal emulator are you using? Ansi-term with libvterm?

@ljwrites I just learned about that emulator today! It'll be what I use tomorrow.

@JordiGH I was looking at that exact link lmao I'm told ansi-term is so much better with it but the basic emulator is suiting my basic terminal needs fine as is (and for faster file management there's Dired) so I haven't bothered for now.

@ljwrites It's just that yesterday I wanted to show a couple of quick calculations in Maxima or Octave and I had some trouble with eshell.

@JordiGH yeah Elisp nerds are excited about eshell but even they admit it's janky and not yet mature.

@ljwrites I think in my almost 20 years of Emacs, eshell has never been mature. :P

@JordiGH Lorem Ipsum is a secret? 🤨 Or do you mean the template?

@ljwrites Yeah, I'm just not sure if they want to keep a closely guarded secret a fully formatted Lorem Ipsum example that shows all the fonts and inset boxes and quoting styles.

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