People who tell computers how to behave, what would you rather be called?

(I can only put 4 choices, write-ins encouraged in replies, "hacker" is another term I would have liked to include.)

To me,
Programmer - uses a programming language; may well not be in an overall software shop though.
Software developer - contributes to creating software where the software is an end product goal.
Software engineer - has a design role to some degree, not just code monkey.
Coder - completely ambiguous term shared by multiple unrelated disciplines, eg. medical records keeping.

@kimreece You know, you're the second one who talked about software is an end goal product, and I think that's rarely literally ever the case.

Nobody really wants software, people have other problems that software happens to solve. Whenever it's possible to avoid writing software, most people would do that.

I guess this is why in the early 2000's they try to rebrand software as "solutions", like, here, you can buy this solution or have you tried installing that solution?

@JordiGH What I mean is interior software vs. exterior where exterior can in a large company mean also other divisions of the company. If I wrote a script for bob in accounting, that's fine, that's one thing; if I wrote an accounting software package for the accounting department that's borderline; if I wrote accounting software that we license to five other clients, that's exterior.


@kimreece And your hat would change accordingly? Programmer if you're doing it for Bob, software developer if you're licensing it to five clients?

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