#MovieThread, 2021 edition!

In 2020 I watched 101 movies from very early into first lockdown until August 11, and the another 138 between then and last night.

I did not do a formal thread for the first 101, but I did do one for the next 138: beepboop.one/@Alexis/104677806

Today's movie, #1 of 2021, or #240 since I started counting, 1995's "Johnny Mnemonic," because I think I saw someone say it's set in 2021? A topical affair!

* "Second decade of the 21st century." Nailed it.
* "Corporations rule." Would've put it differently, but sure.
* "The world is threatened by a new plague." Shit. Too topical.

"The most valuable information must sometimes be entrusted to mnemonic couriers, elite agents who smuggle data in wet-wired brain implants."


this is bill and ted keanu trying to be matrix keanu but not being there yet


@Alexis I wonder if the movie would have been any better if they hadn't taken Molly Millions out of it.

It's like doing A Study in Scarlet without Sherlock Holmes.

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