After some fiddling, it works!

Now I have a pretty stupid problem. The old hand-me-down TV I have (RCA model L26HD31R) is stuck on the wrong resolution and I need a remote with a specific button called "format" to fix it.

The cheapest remote I can find online with this button is 40 CAD!!

@Sheepy I'm surprised you're not asking if an NES still exists.

@JordiGH what surprises me is the amount of NES consoles (the early box ones, on top of that!) that hold up to this day (or maybe that's what you meant?)

@Sheepy I mean, heh, I think the TV is from 2010, but the console is from 1987 or so, you're surprised about a 2010 tech by not 1987 tech? :P

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@JordiGH last thing I heard from RCA is that they ere the precursors of vinyl so that places them in the 60s-70s :9
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