After some fiddling, it works!

Now I have a pretty stupid problem. The old hand-me-down TV I have (RCA model L26HD31R) is stuck on the wrong resolution and I need a remote with a specific button called "format" to fix it.

The cheapest remote I can find online with this button is 40 CAD!!

Better solution: pay movers to bring me this giant CRT someone is trying to get rid of. Sony Wega 32".

It weighs 165 pounds.

... where am I even gonna put this thing?

Anyway, it's coming tomorrow.

These will be the biggest pixels I have ever seen in my life.

@pretentious7 Maybe some day! At the moment I just want it to work!

@Sheepy I'm surprised you're not asking if an NES still exists.

@JordiGH what surprises me is the amount of NES consoles (the early box ones, on top of that!) that hold up to this day (or maybe that's what you meant?)

@Sheepy I mean, heh, I think the TV is from 2010, but the console is from 1987 or so, you're surprised about a 2010 tech by not 1987 tech? :P

@JordiGH last thing I heard from RCA is that they ere the precursors of vinyl so that places them in the 60s-70s :9

@hamjb Hm, it's usually not possible to go international. Anyway, with shipping fees and conversion rates, it's going to be slightly too expensive.

Argh, there's gotta be a way to generate the right RF signal that this TV wants so it will change resolution.

Or if you could find somebody with that remote, program some other remote with it.

@hamjb Don't phones do this too? Can phones do RF? I wonder if I could borrow someone's phone.

@hamjb Oh, is it a whole sequence? I thought it was just a single pulse or something.

@hamjb Haha, modding the NES to output HDMI would be a lot more work, I think.

@JordiGH I just thought about some command injection.
But no idea, what is possible and how.

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