Phew! It is done! I've signed a contract! I'm writing a book!

I'll be streaming the writing for as long as it seems good and interesting to do so. I'll be starting in January.

New Year's resolution: write a book.

Tentative table of contents:

Chapter 1 – How to Prove It
Chapter 2 – Logic and Set Theory
Chapter 3 – Real Numbers
Chapter 4 – Complex Numbers
Chapter 5 – Polynomials
Chapter 6 – Matrix Algebra
Chapter 7 – Derivatives
Chapter 8 – Iterated Function Systems
Chapter 9 – Analytic Functions
Chapter 10 – Möbius Transforms
Chapter 11 – Basic Number Theory
Chapter 12 – Groups
Chapter 13 – Elliptic Curves
Appendix A – Table of Notation

@JordiGH Like the topics. One word of advice is "how to prove it" as a chapter title might be troublesome, given:

@j I was aware of that book, but I thought it was a second book written by Pólya and I intended to reference Pólya. Maybe I should just call it "How To Solve It" so it's directly a reference to Pólya.


@ColinTheMathmo @j Ehhhhhh, I really want the Pólya reference. Maybe, "How to Maths It".

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