Whenever mathematicians invoke theorems, I always picture them as anime characters calling out their attacks in a fight.

Dedekinnnndddd CUT! (slices across the real line)

Frobenius! Automorphism! (transforms into a car)

Taaaate... Shafareviiich... GROUP! (summons a swarm of sharp geometric shurikens)

RIEMAAAAANNNN!!! HYPOTHESISSSSS!! (ultimate attack, unblockable, ignores all defenses, huge mushroom cloud leaving behind a huge smouldering crater)

@JordiGH if my papers were an anime:

oh right, it's time to call my partner, the ultimate... Darboux's theorem - Universal parametrization, I summon you in attack position!
@JordiGH yugioh is a good way to represent when you're using lemmas to shorten the proof of a theorem, it's like you're fulfilling the summoning requirements

"I sacrifice Lemmas 3.5, 4.2 and 6.1"

@JordiGH This is too much like how I think... I have these cards in my hand, which will I play? The thing writhes in front of me, I drop an 'abelian Galois group' on it, suddenly the writhing stops and it sorts itself into a row of primes with exponents on their shoulders. Almost there, just one more... glancing at my hand I select 'idempotent decomposition' and lay it gently on top. Their armor suits shatter, I select the one shard I needed.

@kimreece It does always seem like just a matter of picking the right angles of attack, doesn't it? And sometimes requires creating entirely new ones.

@JordiGH The worst part isn't choosing how to attack, it's explaining to anyone else what happened when you did it and how.

@JordiGH that sounds like Bungou Stray Dogs but with mathematicians instead of authors and poets

Kinda surprised an anime series on that premise hasn't popped up yet

@JordiGH Some of the monsters lurking out there are powerful enough to require a technique as overpowered as the Reimann Hypothesis to defeat...

@urusan Jokes aside, there are a bunch of papers out there that prove results assuming RH, so, yeah, it kind of is already being used as an "attack".

@urusan There's a result that was proven in a funny way. Assume RH: Then the result holds. Assume RH is false: Then the result holds.

Therefore, the result holds.

I'm trying to remember what crazy thing was proven this way.

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