Did you know that groups have passwords? Apparently if you set one, you then have to use newgrp to log in to that group.

I have never seen anyone use unix group passwords.

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@JordiGH I've never heard of this command .. reading the man page .. it seems like newgrp is more for switching to a group that you might have been added to while you've been logged in? .. I didn't realize /etc/group had a password field .. interesting

@JordiGH Is that still even implemented anywhere? I can totally see that getting unintentionally pulled out when folks black-box develop compatible systems.

I've used it... once. back in school in the compilers class each team had their own group, so we could have shared rcs.

problem was in that era, if you wanted to set up a group you needed a sysprog to do it for you.

these days, groups seem almost legacy for user level stuff. they are still an important thing in un*x security

@JordiGH seems like you could use that as a very flexible sudo.

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