Tony Stark's net worth: at most 12 billion dollars.

A fictional billionaire is orders of magnitude poorer than our actual billionaires, who sit at 200 billion.

We can't even *imagine* anyone as rich as our actual billionaires.

Jeez, Tony, how do you show your face at the Amazon Charity Gala parading that kind of poverty around?

On the plus side, maybe we should be grateful that Bezos isn't using his wealth to fund a worldwide superpowered police force. Not sure he's not into arms dealing, though.

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@JordiGH I would be surprised if they haven't hired mercenary private police forces in some of the countries they operate in. Maybe he is content to keep outsourcing it, but if the cost keeps going up he might bring it in-house.

@JordiGH No one should be able to own that much capital.

@JordiGH This reminds me of that stat about how our brains can’t really grasp the magnitudes involved in these large numbers... “a million seconds is 11 days, a billion seconds is 32 years”

@JordiGH at 2020 prices, that's about one nuclear power plant. I think people also overestimate what money can do, for much the same reasons.

(Not arguing that billionaires should be able to build power plants, but 12 billion isn't anywhere near the government budget-level money it's made out to be).

@JordiGH the modern incarnation of Tony Stark was explicitly based on Elon Musk. In 2015, Musk's net worth was $13.3bn, now it's $111.3bn.

Musk has more in common with Doctor Evil than Tony Stark

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