Got some GNU info manual you want to read but you don't like the info reader? Just pipe it to less:

info grub | less

That spits out the whole manual into the less pager so you can move around like manpages.

@meka No, info doesn't use a pager at all. By not giving a tty to its stdout, you just trick it to dump the whole manual out.

@JordiGH Last night I searched fdroid for a latex program with no luck, with the idea that I could write custom tesumes and job hunt while at work.

Your post gave me the idea of checking termux, and it almost worked, until it didn't...

@Lofenyy @JordiGH How there is no good LaTeX for android, I do not know. I have tried even some non-FOSS and with no success.

@Lofenyy @JordiGH I think you could proot into a different OS like Alpine or Void which has a latex package.

@Lofenyy @JordiGH Extract the correct architecture rootfs distribution's tarball to a directory and then run proot command on it. Or there are scripts which do it for you like this one for Alpine:

@paper @JordiGH @kimreece This solution has worked excellently for me, thank you! I also tried compiling C in termux and executing it within the chroot, but no luck.

It's interesting how you can execute installed binaries, but not compiled binaries.

I'm very happy about being able to compile latex though! Now I can write custom resumes for the job hunt while at work! Sneaky!

i've had
info() {
command info --subnodes $@ |
in my dotfiles since forever, didn't know the --subnodes bit was redundant, thanks

@JordiGH Huh, never thought of that. Thanks! I've used pinfo a lot over the years, an info reader with lynx key bindings.

@JordiGH I'm so chapped I hadn't thought of this sooner. thanks!

@electricsand It's not a very obvious feature that the GNU info reader will just dump everything if its stdout isn't a tty!


holy smokes I love less and am strongly indifferent to info

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