OH in 's IRC channel:

<gknauth> the world was so innocent (sort of) way back when
<gknauth> you didn't have to explain free software, everyone understood, it was "proprietary" software that needed explaining


This reminded me of 's rant about the golden age...

"Happy the age, happy the time, to which the ancients gave the name of golden, not because in that fortunate age the gold so coveted in this our iron one was gained without toil, but because they that lived in it knew not the two words 'mine' and 'thine'! ...

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... In that blessed age all things were in common; to win the daily food no labour was required of any save to stretch forth his hand and gather it from the sturdy oaks that stood generously inviting him with their sweet ripe fruit."

(Book 1 Chapter XI, Ormsby's translation)

@kline Oh, yes, it's amply clear that Don Quixote is a lunatic. This is explained at every step. He is absolutely stark raving mad.

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