uspol, social media 

I'd like to take a moment to think about how a website named after university booklets of undergrads' photos went from being the place to coordinate your next spring break with your dorm buddies to the primary forum for political discussion, facilitating a genocide or two along the way.

It is utterly bonkers.

Oh, and the website for texting with SMS inanity about your lunch became the president's mouthpiece and a medium for diplomacy and government services.

uspol, social media 

@JordiGH What used to be a specialized computer network for sharing military information is now a sewage pipe full of the worst aspects of human behavior.

And cats. Lots of cats.

re: uspol, social media 

@faoluin I am a space alien sewer cat and I approve this message.


uspol, social media 

@faoluin At least "internet" has a better name than "Twitter" and "Facebook".

uspol, social media 

@JordiGH the world is a meme.

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