TIL that CD audio is at 44.1 kHz because humans can only hear up to 22.05 kHz and by the sampling theorem, if we sample at twice the frequency we get a perfect recreation.

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Also: our dogs can hear more than we can and must think our CDs really sound like crap.

@JordiGH A perfect recreation if you only take sample rate into account! Bitrate however is a far more interesting debate. Changing the bitrate can change the sound noticably. At what bitrate can we produce a perfect recreation from our perspective? The answer may come from analysing a spectrograph.

Sorry, this is a topic I'm a bit passionate about and I'm working on a project that considers these questions!

@JordiGH I've read alternative theories that it's 20kHz × 2 plus a bit because of quirks of the storage format used by studios. We'll probably never know for sure, much like the competing, incompatible theories as to why terminals were 80×25.

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