"Maybe this is easier to explain in person."


But you know what?

I also like it when you type it out to explain.

(1) It makes you sit down and write out the details.
(2) It gives you more time to collect and organise your thoughts in a presentable way.
(3) It leaves a written record of the explanation.

I know it's more work to communicate in writing, and I know it takes more time. The end result is often better for it, though.

Paper is patient. Well, textboxes are patient.

@JordiGH I used to like writing out all the details, but people have become attention-deficit. Most of my bosses are tl;dr, don't care about the technical details, how does this affect my bottom line, etc.

@JordiGH Eh, writing a good long-form explanation for someone you don't know very well (especially what their background is like) can be super hard. It's much easier in person where you can ask "are you familiar with x?" and they can steer your explanation by asking questions.

@abs True, but often the explanation has to be addressed and repeated to more than one person anyway.

@JordiGH In that case, writing it down is very important, yeah.
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