What are some good silent modern comic strip artists? I mean comics that don't have any dialogue and don't usually require any language to be understood.

I'm happy that made comics that are still mostly understandable without text, for example:

@cwebber Oh, he made Microsoft Comic Chat!

But also, he's old.

Are there modern, younger artists, I wonder?

@cwebber I ask because a while ago there was some silent humour on Reddit and the kids there were like, "oh this is like The Far Side", because you had to carefully inspect the artwork to get the joke.

@cwebber And I'm thinking, no way! Dialogue-less humour isn't an old fogey thing! I'll show those kids!

But maybe it's time to face my own age.

@JordiGH @cwebber I think kids are mostly just into memes and "slice of life" webcomics. (Imagine daytime dramadys but with the plots even more dragged out.)

suicide mention 

@JordiGH Not exactly "comic strip", but are you aware of The Arrival by Shaun Tan?

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