Hey, I need a new laptop. I really like the 5th gen X1 Carbon . It works great with . It has two old USB ports and one new USB port. It has good battery life. It's light. Good display. Everything works.

I'm thinking of getting a newer X1 Carbon, but I'm afraid of losing good features like old USB ports or losing hardware compatibility. Can anyone tell me if newer Thinkpads are still good with Debian?

Otherwise, I might just buy another 5th gen X1 Carbon.

Btw: I really <3 when you guys boost my questions, this is one of the best things around here.

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@JordiGH I'm still on my x200 lol

Feel the POWER of the core2duo!

@JordiGH it works really well with ubuntu so likely debian too. The only thing that sucks is how underpowered it is

@equals_w_equals No, I meant the Gentoo sticker. I already figured out the QR code.

@JordiGH used to run gentoo on this machine, stopped because it grew tedious recompiling everything

@equals_w_equals OMFG the QR code bwhahaahahahahahah where'd you get that I want one now

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