The future past of virtual reality, everyone.

I bring you the proposed shoulder harness for the .

@Shufei Remember, this was proposed to *alleviate* the discomfort people were saying they were experiencing with the original retail unit.

@JordiGH Hahaha, imagine the spike in physical therapy for neck and shoulder strain. Not to mention little kids choking on it. That thing was heaps heavy.

@Shufei "Hey, Gunpei, people are complaining of neck strain."

Gunpei Yoko, mad genius, with a glint in his eye: "let's add a neck strap to that baby."

@Shufei @JordiGH i remember the first and only time i ever played with the virtualboy in a demo at the store

the thing was secured to a display stand on the table like a fixture

i just assumed that the end user experience was supposed to be like that and you'd need to put it on a table every time you wanted to play

@JordiGH @Shufei dunno how good or bad that will be. I always found the VR units to be pretty heavy. Add to that I have distance vision which AFAIK current technology doesn't compensate for. Will have to experience in real to see what works or doesn't.

@JordiGH imo Nintendo should give the virtual boy another shot. maybe it will work this time. If nothing else, it won't be like 30 fucking pounds this time.

@lapis I like to believe that fucking-pounds (abbreviated Flb) is a larger unit of measurement than the ordinary pound.

@lapis I'm starting to think of how could we seriously answer this question. Can we measure the degree of emphasis speakers use for each? We could do real science if we tried.

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