I work with a woman who said recently "I am not a data scientist, I am a statistician. I don't know what data scientist means and neither does anyone else."

@JordiGH That's a very silly thing to say, everyone knows that "data scientist" means an extra $30k on your salary.

@mcmoots It also means more computer and less proof, no?

@JordiGH Often, yeah, but IME that's not as strong a consensus as the salary differential.

@JordiGH this was my Probability teacher as well he was like big data?? No man that's just a fancy name for stat!

@Luchtspieg Yeah, they're all acting they're discovering something new or like stats is just descriptive stats.

Data has always been big.

@JordiGH @Luchtspieg

Neoliberalism constantly yearns not only to be the end of history, but the beginning as well. Nothing has a context or prior arts. We live in an eternal present. Our world was invented this morning, by billionaires.

@JordiGH it's like every part of tech that ignores all prior arts. They give it a new name and pretend that is a new idea. In many domains, this is also linked with an extremely neoliberal ideology and it reminds me of the assertion that we are at the end of history.

@celesteh Oh, like when they tried to invent "Spotify for books"?

I like the taxonomy that Cassie Kozyrkov from Google puts forward: "data science" as an umbrella term, and "statistician," "ML engineer," "analyst" as three major branches.

@bmreiniger Sooooooo, what's the difference between a data scientist and a machine learning engineer? Are there data engineers? Machine learning scientists?

An ML engineer (according to this grouping) is one flavor of data scientist.

You have rather stronger opinion on what qualifies as engineering, so I'll leave that distinction out. Note that Kozyrkov is (probably) thinking in terms of a business team.

"Data engineer" is a term often used for people working on collecting/storing/retrieving data efficiently, but that seems to split the use of "data XYZ" into "working on" vs "working with" data rather than properly using "engineer."

@sng It appears there is more than one woman out there who holds this view, then.

@JordiGH a data scientist is a statistician who wants a $100k raise.

@mhoye And/or lives in San Francisco and wants to afford rent. But I repeat you.


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