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Let's hope some good for comes of this all.

@JordiGH Post made by Gokh: "Analysis: The Fall Of Stallman by Alessandro Ebersol (Agent Smith)
In the new PCLinux Magazine there is a very interesting analysis of this topic.
Source: pclosmag.com/html/Issues/20191…

In fact, who really had ties with that citizen #Epstein was Bill #Gates, who, according to emails obtained exclusively from The New Yorker, Epstein would have instructed Bill Gates to donate $2 million to a MIT research lab in October 2014. The directors of MIT Media Lab delivered the emails, and they clearly link Gates to Epstein.

We can even speculate that the attack on Stallman’s person was a way to get the public’s attention diverted away from Gates, who really had a connection with Epstein.

Yes, nowadays, with the PC thought police, who are always on the lookout for any subject to fire their cannons on, that free speech is gone

If an opinion expressed goes against the prevailing #zeitgeist, the subject is in hot waters

Steve #Ballmer once called GNU/Linux cancer, and #GPL a disease that would make everything open source.

In fact, Ballmer was wrong to call free software open source, but back then they were little different. Not today. Today, the so-called “open source” is moving further and further from free software.

At a time like today, where #Microsoft increasingly declares its love for #Linux, we are always faced with open source apologists from Microsoft, and how it is committed to its advancement(open source) and improvement.

But what about #free #software? What about the four #freedoms? Nothing. The company says nothing about it, and apparently to hear it doesn’t exist. That is, Microsoft may love Linux, but it does not love the freedom of the #GNU movement (which is intrinsically linked to the Linux kernel and the way it is developed). As a colleague posted on social network: “Microsoft may love Linux, but it doesn’t love its users,” a hard and strong truth.

Corporations are merciless, evil and heartless. But it’s the free software folks who are almost always in the headlines…

Yes, this is a recurring theme: Any advocates, or developers of free software, or free culture, are always in the sights, whether of the corporate media or “Defenders” of social #justice movements.

Otherwise, let’s see:

Jacob Appelbaum, one of the developers of the TOR protocol: Allegations of sexual misconduct.

Julian Assange (Wikileaks): Accused of sexual violence in Sweden.

Brendan Eich: Former CEO of Mozilla Foundation, had to resign for donating to the movement “Proposition 8” in California at a time when one of Eich’s plans was to launch Firefox OS for mobile devices (phones, tablets).

Theodore T’so: Accused of an apologist for sexual violence . Note that T’so was against Intel’s TPM platform (which was Sharp’s employer).

Linus Torvalds: All development of the Linux kernel has been branded as toxic by the extremely sincere personality of Torvalds’ . And the public outcry was such that Linus had to adopt a COC and take a vacation from the direction of the development of the Linux kernel.

So how many bad people in free software, huh?

Jobs and Microsoft, exemplary citizens
read on here

And Stallman and his accuser?

Was Stallman a #pedophile? No.

Encouraged #pedophilia? He didn’t.

Defended Epstein? No, and on his blog, made harsh criticism of the late sex offender.

But he paid dearly for no crime. He did nothing but try to defend a former teacher. But that can be a disaster these days because of digital #lynch #mobs.

Many thanks to PCLinuxOS Magazine and Alessandro Ebersol."

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