Whoo boy, this is the most public statement I've ever signed:


Let's hope some good for comes of this all.


I'm not a #GNU contributor, but I still dream for a day where there is respectable leadership at the top.

I would want the leader of the GNU project to not pull aside the recipient of an annual award, just before going on stage, and suggest that the leader was hoping the recipeint's project was software to promote sexual promiscuity and/or infidelity.


I would also want the leader of the #GNU project not to get up on stage at an annual conference and make "jokes" in violation of the event's published Code of Conduct and then claim that said leader was "above the law" and the Code could not be enforced against them.


I would like the leader of #GNU to not cry out "fake news" and "witch hunt" when people assemble years and years of documented evidence of similar behavior.


In other words, the leaderS of #GNU should demonstrate the value of their work in the world by being a good role model, and exhibit behavior that others can look up to.

In the US, we already have national politicians who behave poorly as described above. We don't need our #FreeSoftware "leaders" doing the same thing.


@downey I don't even know what are all these events you're alluding to, but I can imagine.

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@JordiGH The first one happened to me personally. The second, one of the well known events. The third, summarizes the reactions over the past several weeks. Obviously, if someone wants more case studies, they are abundant throughout the Internet.

But far better to focus on what attributes future leadership should have. IMHO #FLOSS leadership is as much or more about interpersonal aspects as it is technical skills.

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