Reading Canadian history for my citizenship test is really driving home the point why Canadians say "sorry" so much.

There really is so much to apologise for.

@JordiGH no doubt, but by that logic Americans should literally never say anything other than 'sorry'

@balrogboogie @lapis Well, then I don't know what's different.

But jeez, Canada's not been very nice.

@JordiGH @balrogboogie @lapis

Canadians have the lump in the throat enough to say sorry. USAmericans, it would never occur to. It is worse; there is *zero* communitarian tradition.

For instance, when was the last time you heard indigenous issues on any USA media? Sneering at Standing Rock was about it. People sigh over lacklustre reconciliation and movement on treaties, but at least it’s being taken seriously on some fronts. Give credit when due.

@JordiGH @balrogboogie @lapis

IMO what's different is that the USA holds itself up as a paradise, but the structure of that paradise literally depends on the history of slavery and genocide here. Canada is not promoting itself that, they haven't built a huge army and exported their culture around the world, so they don't have to prop up that edifice as much. So they allow themselves to see it more.

@balrogboogie @JordiGH having done the US history reading for citizenship here, I can tell you that it's one huge whitewash. So perhaps the reason Canadians apologise so much is that they've at least done step 1: admit that the country is built on terrible things.

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