This is fun! typing game! My PB so far is 36, what's yours?

@JordiGH Neat!
35 on the first go, stuck mostly on their preferred transpose symbol and wishing I had a custom shortcut for mathbf...

@bmreiniger Oh, you were doing that determinant lemma one, I see.

I had the same problem. It was \(\intercal\) fwiw.

I think unfortunately the best strategy is to skip all the complicated formulas. 53.

@bmreiniger Booooo, cheating!

They should increase the score for the difficult ones.

`problemPoints = Math.ceil(target.latex.length / 10.0);`
The most obvious problem is that you want short problems at the end, to have time to squeeze them in. (There's no partial credit on your last problem.) But also it does seem like there's more to difficulty than just number of to measure?

@JordiGH I rolled my eyes at this and then I played it and got 48 and I'm convinced I could do better

@JordiGH I did not get more than 8, and that after 3 tries...

@skalyan Ooh, good going! Maybe we should get a Mathstodon leaderboard going.

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