"Unfortunately, calls aren't available in this browser. We recommend downloading the Slack desktop app, or you can switch to Chrome."

Take a hike, Slack, isn't some obscure web browser you couldn't possibly support.

@JordiGH No calls? Tempted to say "bug not feature"...
I just got FF working (again) on my work computer and it's flying, I love it.

@priryo Yeah, not that I particularly want to make calls in Slack (or use it at all, really), but this "hey, have you tried Chrome" attitude isn't endearing them to me either.

@JordiGH @priryo Spoof the user agent string. Make Slack think it's running on Chrome. I don't see the problem.

@JordiGH if people would get their asses up and sue google for anti-competitive behaviour and forcing them to sign a declaration to cease and desist in which is stated that they are not permitted to further develop chrome or the chromium engine and delete all copies of the source code it would be pretty cool, but for now the american government is just three companies in a trench coat with a military.

probably just changing a User-Agent header will be enough to make it work

right, but I just think helping users to workaround stupid limitations is appropriate to at least still keep current Firefox users

@selfisekai Oh, thanks. Yeah.

I would much sooner ditch Slack than Firefox, though. In fact, I already did, in a way. I don't give a hoot about their calling feature.

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