#mercurial tip: so you've just written your super "hg log" alias but :oh_no:​ on "hg $alias" it's not open in the pager ("less") anymore and everything is printed out on the terminal and that sucks :(

Don't worry! Just add your alias to your the list of pagged commands in your .hgrc!

By it will looks like this (this is the default list of commands for the pager):

pager = LESS='FRX' less
attend = annotate, cat, diff, export, glog, log, qdiff, $alias



@bram The pager extension is no longer needed. If you just remove the extension, you can also remove all of the attend options.


@bram It's the top link. 😕

We probably should make that wiki page clearer. Or just delete it.

@JordiGH ah indeed :/

You can't make a redirection to this doc instead? Dunno if MoinMoin can do that.

@JordiGH make it bold and that's perfect 😋

I'm surprise that mercurial doesn't print you a warning saying "you know, all those extensions are builtin, you should remove them" but I might be too much in UX/accessibility '

@bram Mercurial policy is to never break your configuration, not even to nag you. Once a feature, always a feature.

@JordiGH also, if you can modify mercurial-scm.org/ could you had a big link somewhere saying "contribute" and pointing to mercurial-scm.org/wiki/Develop plz? The time I've spent just to find it the other day bugs me until today 😅

@bram I don't have write access to mercurial-scm.org, but I'll try to remember this.

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