I know it's hard to produce these things in these trying times, but I want more speculative fiction where the future is awesome and people's problems stem from normal, everyday future things and not because the future is bleak 'cause I really want a little bit more positivity in my life.

@JordiGH Cory Doctorow's *Walkaway* is interesting in being set in a bleak-ish future (an extrapolation from the present), but showing a hopeful path through it.

@JordiGH Robert Llewellyn wrote a trilogy beginning with "News from Gardenia" about a world where we got it right eventually...

@JordiGH There's an anime series called Planetes that might fit that bill that I highly recommend.

@JordiGH you could try the Binti trilogy by Nnedi Okorafor. It's sci fi but with Africa at the root rather than Europe/America, basically. And the future is awesome, but there are wars etc.

Sounds like you got a whole bunch of great recommendations. Thanks for soliciting them, I'll be pretending I'll get around to read a few of them. 😀
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