Differences between computer people and maths people:

Me: How would you write down a sequence of for-loops nested to arbitrary depth?

Computer people: Why would you want to do that? Look, this is what is known as an x-y problem, let me tell you instead what you should be asking...

Maths people: Ah, yes, tensor products have a universal mapping property over multilinear maps, so just pick some coordinates and write down the computation you want. It's all rather trivial.

@JordiGH I'm not an expert on tensor products, but I'd be impressed if they can express arbitrarily nested for-loops and all the possible mindblowing sideeffects that can have in various languages.

@acciomath Then you'll be a foreigner to both camps, like all third-culture kids.

@jordigh I was sure I'll see functional programming mentioned :-P.
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