Wow, is really trying hard to make sure I can't block their ...

I'm not sure how to respond to this.

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@JordiGH This is more and more becoming common practice. I've started using pi-hole on my home network, which helps a lot.

@JordiGH that sucks. I don't use Quora so this is easy for me to say: don't use Quora 😜

@bobby Nah, I'd rather fight back in this adwar. Also, it's not Quora so much as the people who write there that I am reading.

@JordiGH Yea, good point. I've given up on fighting the "adwar". Good luck.

@JordiGH Quora also requires you to sign up to read anything beyond the first article. So you click a Quora link from a search, read a satisfying answer, hop to another one and be required to sign up. Absolutely evil. Unfortuately, Med*um is now on their level...

@Parnikkapore @JordiGH I did a thing a while ago that used grease monkey to find text nodes, work back up the DOM and delete elements. It's out of date and doesn't work now but the principle is sound

@moopet @JordiGH I have got my hands on uBO since then, so I can get rid of a lot of banners :blobcat:

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